So after four and a half months in Sunny Mildura my farming experience has came to an end; and what an experience it was. 

It’s hard for people to comprehend what you encounter in that kind of environment. For the past four months we’ve been living in bubble. Surrounded by other backpackers in a working hostel, working on the most obscure jobs and going out to the same places every weekend. Arriving back in Sydney the bubble has burst. 

The odd thing about Australia is that if you venture past the cities into the smaller towns you revert back to 50’s and earn a peek into the past. Which is fairly unsurprising considering how young the country is and how vast the land is. 

I’ve been yelled at by a five foot Italian lady because I packed her oranges incorrectly. I fucking HATE oranges!!

I’ve planted onions sitting on the frozen ground at 6am. Only for the farmer to tell us that they don’t actually sell the onions they just sell the seeds from the plant.  P. s. It does get cold in Australia. 

I’ve planted grape vines in excruciating heat. By far the hardest labour I’ve ever faced in my life. I came home covered in mud, every muscle aching from squatting all day. 

I’ve driven a quad in the outback planting pistachio trees and picked broad beans for 6 hours and never got paid.  I’ve cut twigs from Orange trees into smaller twigs. Too what end? God knows! 

I’ve cleaned cars and canvas tents so I could pay rent when no farm work was available. 

I ended my farming experience working in a garlic factory. A bloody garlic factory!!! 

I’ve also lay near a vineyard until 6am and watched shooting stars. I’ve been to a bush party in the outback. partied all night and watched the sun come up by the river. I’ve made friends I’ll never forget and spoken to people from all over the world. 

Needless to say it’s been pretty unconventional. I would never have done any of that at home and it’s been pretty eye opening. 

Now I know a few things for sure… 

I can do anything I put my mind to. 

That no job will ever be worse than standing in an orange packing shed while a crazy woman screams at you about oranges and then talks about you like you aren’t there and like you aren’t actually a human being. 

That my mind will give up long before my body ever does. Fecking grape vines!!

That respect is earned. 

That people will take advantage of you if you let them. 

A lot of Australians hate backpackers. 

Every bad experience can be counteracted if you surround yourself with amazing people… And I’ve met the most amazing people!

All in all in the last four months I’ve had some of the worst experiences of my life. But the good outweighs the bad by a long shot and I don’t regret a thing. 

VISA pending….. 



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