After all our trouble with Jucy rentals we decided we needed a break from the van for a while. Having researched some nearby hostels in surfers paradise we discovered that renting out an apartment would work out around the same price. So we booked into Surfers Del Ray apartments and hit the jackpot with a newly renovated apartment, it certainly was paradise. 


Described to me as the Australian Magaluf, Surfers Paradise is a party town with a host of clubs and theme parks yet very little else. The majority of high rises were designed as accommodation and there was very little opportunity to find any work.

As a group we decided to enjoy ourselves and participated in a variety of club crawls and visited each of the theme parks. When we booked our club crawl we got ripped off by the stalls on the street so ask your hostel for the best deals and how to find them. 

The first theme park we visited was Sea World which was a great day out. We got to see a whole host of sea animals and they offer a range of activities such as swimming with sharks. Unfortunately we narrowly missed the time we could do this and it was booked out so ring in advance to secure a place. 



The second theme park that was worth a visit was Wet n’ Wild. Great for thrill seekers there was a huge range of slides and rides to go on. The best water ride was definitely the Aqualoop, An Aqualoop is a type of body water slide where single riders are dropped down a near vertical slide and into an inclined loop. Your heart is in your mouth every time the floor is taken from beneath your feet.  

There’s a non water ride called the sky coaster where you pay an extra $20 to be flung through the air from the height of 167 ft. Wearing a harness you have to fall forward until you lying vertical and then the start to hoist you up to the top. On the ride, riders in groups of 1 to 3 are winched to the top of a launch tower and then dropped towards the ground, swinging from a cable tether back and forth until brought to a rest. Definitely worth the extra cost. 



The final theme park we visited was Movie World, the home of some great roller coasters, such as Arkham Asylum,  Green Latern coaster and the Superman Escape. Surprisingly the best ride was the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster, starting off as a lame ghost train and turning into a fast and exciting thrill ride, it was by far the most fun. 



Following ten days of partying it was time to leave the Gold Coast and head for Brisbane. We were sad to leave but the best part about going was knowing we would be saying goodbye to our Jucy rentals nightmare camper van. After weeks of hardwork talking to the company they had finally conceded and would allow us to return the van early and give us a refund for the remaining days we would have had it. It was the best we could have hoped for. Although we missed our trip to Fraiser Island as a result, we were just glad to leave Jucy Rentals behind. 

Realising we no longer had any time restraints to make it up the coast we have decided to stay in Brisbane for a while and get some work done. In fairness a two month holiday is long enough. 


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