The strangest hippie town in Australia was our next stop. We had been previously told that it was either a place you would love or hate, but either way it was somewhere we needed to see. 

Wanting to get the full experience and escape the confines of the van for a night, we booked into the Nimbin Rox YHA where we would actually be staying in a teepee. On top of that it was my birthday so when we left Byron Bay the girls had filled the van with balloons and a banner, which was a nice touch to the day. 

We arrived in Nimbin and parked in front of our home for the night. We knew we had been deprived for two weeks when sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a teepee seemed like luxury. We were shown around the hostel where our host kindly pointed out where we could and could not smoke (not tobacco). The hostel was a pretty laid back place with bean bags and hammocks lying around and a twenty four hour pool. As we were guided around the unmistakeable aroma of incense mixed with weed greated us. 

Having got our bearings we ventured the short distance into town to have a look around. 

We had arrived in the sixties!

Not that I would know but I just assume that Nimbin is exactly the way it would have been at that time. Stuck in a time warp the locals walked around with no shoes or shirts on and kindly offered you weed, mushrooms and cookies (not the chocolate chip kind) at the side of the road. 

In earnest it was a stoners dream but for us, we just didn’t get it. How could a whole town very openingly engage in such activity and to be left to it by authorities, it all seemed strange, cool but strange. 

We somewhat dabbled in the local trade and returned to our teepee for the night. I’d never smoked weed before and quickly discerned that it wasn’t for me. Fairly opposed to smoking not only was it horrible but it didn’t have any effect. (Sorry mum and dad) An experience all round but not one I would rush into again. Not only that but I was pretty ill at the time and turned in early to get some well needed rest. I’ve had better birthdays. 

Nimbin was definitely an experience and another place I would recommend every traveller to visit. You might love it or hate it but it’s certainly somewhere that you need to see for yourself. 


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