The next lap was Byron Bay. The notorious chilled out town in Australia, where life is relaxed, laid back and appreciated. With a chilled out vibe radiating round the city it would be difficult to stress out about anything here. 

With a decorative nightlife, beautiful beach and gorgeous views from the cape lighthouse Byron Bay has so much to offer for a weary traveller. Great eaterys line the streets catering for everyone, as well as plenty of travel agents competing to sign you up for the best activities in Australia, shop around and haggle to avoid being ripped off. There is also a great shopping scene with small boutiques scattered around town it was tough not spending any money when you’ve been wearing the same clothes for a month. 

The locals are a colourful collection of travellers and Australians who live for the surf and the health foods that can be easily located throughout the town. Even car trouble couldn’t upset or relaxing week in Byron Bay, with days spent on the beach and nights spent in the clubs it was a great week. Byron Bay was certainly somewhere I would visit again or even consider living, anyone visiting Australia needs to spend some time there. 

Unfortunately the Jucy van had become a complete nightmare. With the ‘penthouse’ closing sporadically, the battery continued to die every morning, we ended up spending a lot of our time trying to sort out our engine trouble. We were told by mechanics that the fridge would drain the battery, a light on the dashboard because the doors were open would drain the battery. Basically using the vans facilities would drain the battery. It soon became clear that the van was pretty inhospitable. It slowly began to taint our trip with unpleasantness. So for anyone considering a camper van trip, I say go for it!! Just don’t choose Jucy Rentals. We felt that they had given us the dud van, which we soon christened ‘The Shit Tip.’

Don’t get me wrong the freedom of travelling in this manner is second to none but choose a good spacious van. Don’t let travel agents sell you short, do research first. 

Next stop: Nimbin. 


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