Setting off for surf camp on Monday 9th February everyone was really excited to get out of the city for a while, but I think only a few of us knew what to truly expect. This wasn’t going to be five days spent relaxing or sightseeing. Surfing is an intense and difficult sport and not for the faint hearted.

When we arrived at camp we were greeted with rain, not ideal. Ushered down to the cabins around surf camp we were lead into the communal area and given a quick induction by the energetic Shayno of surf camp.

All the staff were extremely helpful, laid back and determined to ensure we all had a great time. We were separated into two groups and given a delicious lunch then given our wet suits and eagerly set off for the beach.

Once again separated into smaller groups of around 14/15, each group had two instructors who would be helping us throughout our time at camp. Our group had Poppy from the UK and Jonny from Australia. An all girls group, a few of us were disappointed not to have had Sammy D taking us, if you ever go you will soon work out why.

Our first lesson although tough was a small prelude to what was in store. Everyone got off to a good albeit wobbly start but overall seemed to be enjoying themselves. As a group we were glad it was all girls as there was no competition or need to try and impress a group of guys; which meant we were relaxed and could go at our own pace.

Arriving back at camp we were all quite tired and couldn’t have been happier when dinner was served. I’ll say one thing for surf camp, they sure know how to cook. You won’t leave hungry, which is ideal for backpackers who have been living off rubbish for weeks.

With a ten pm curfew for the campsite there wasn’t much extensive drinking, a few beers and bed was the best option after a tiring day. For those wanting to continue to party there was a seven mile beach waiting for them a five minute walk away.

Every morning at camp we donned our wetsuits and headed for the beach bright and early following breakfast. Returning for a much anticipated lunch we would have about and hour and a half break and go back for our second lesson of the day. We would return once again for another lovely meal and a few beers then bed.

After heavy partying in Sydney it was nice to once again have a routine. When we arrived on camp we were disappointed by the lack of wifi but throughout the next few days it was nice to see everyone without their phones in their hands. Upon reflection we spend far to much time relying on technology to communicate and cure our boredom. At Surf Camp we spent our time playing giant jenga and cards. It was a welcome change.

Nobody made every surf lesson and some people just weren’t cut out for the physicality and patience required for learning to surf. As a firm believer of the term ‘persistence is key’ I made the majority of the lessons apart from one. On Wednesday I skipped the afternoon surf because I had badly burnt my hands in the sun the previous day. So I spent my afternoon cowering in the shade with a bottle of after sun and a beer in hand.

So for anyone interested in surfing, I would wholly recommend Surf Camp Australia. A great deal with your accommodation and delicious filling meals included with your surf lessons, you don’t get much better than that. Throw in the awesome friendly staff and you have got yourself a bargain.

It has definitely given me the surfing bug and although I nose dived more times than I actually caught a wave, it won’t be long until I’m back in the water again. Thanks Surf Camp!


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