My backpack epiphany.

When I decided to go travelling I knew it was going to be difficult to say goodbye to the people I love. However one thing I didn’t anticipate was saying goodbye to the things that I love.

As a girl in her early twenties I have an extensive wardrobe carefully selected over years of dedicated shopping time. And I think I’m going to miss it more than anything.

Trying to fit my holiday essentials into a fairly small-ish backpack has become a pretty daunting project.

How many T-shirts do I bring?

Do I need a hairdryer?

What have I forgotten?

Why won’t that fit?

I’ve halved my clothes and then halved them again to the point where it now seems that I will be spending the majority of the time either in the same clothes or naked.

Unfortunately coming to terms with this has been difficult and it just goes to show how attached our generation has become to material objects and how we look. It actually made me kind of sad to realise that I was heading off on what I hope to be a very exciting year and that I had become preoccupied with how I would look and what I would wear.

So now I’m determined to travel light and worry more about what I’m going to see and do rather than my wardrobe. But I have also decided to become more conscious of the material items I own and what I realistically need.

A trip to the charity shop might be in order.



Some of my favourite quotes to live by.



Everyone has a choice when it comes to how we live our lives, we are all filled with both good and bad, right and wrong, virtuousness and evil. It is the choices we make that lead us down either path, no one is born evil.



Beauty fades but passion, personality, intellect, love, kindness, compassion and empathy; these are the things that define us.



It’s shows more strength to stand up and walk away than it does to react. It also annoys the hell out of whoever tried to provoke you.


If you have a home, food, friends and Family, you are richer than the majority of the worlds population.



Don’t let your past dictate your future, don’t willow in what has been and gone and forget to move forward.



Not everyday needs to be an action packed adrenaline rush, for some people just being alive is an achievement in itself.



People who are different, eccentric, and unique are often people we can learn from.



This ones pretty self explanatory; Don’t be a prejudice asshole.



We have to work hard for the things we want in this world.


Try to be kind 🙂