I have had a lot people asking me about my posts on mental Illness and social anxiety. The most common thing people ask is, ‘aren’t you afraid of what other people think?’

The honest answer is no, not even a little. If what I write helps someone understand or raises more awareness then I have no reason to be afraid.

When I was secondary school I didn’t know what was wrong with me, why I had different reactions to certain situations compared to other people. Why conversations and the things I had to say would die in my mouth. I’m so much healthier and happier now that I know the cause, now that I am more equipped to deal with it and understand the why’s.

So no I’m not afraid, because in life people are already judging me for so many other things so I might as well give them something worth talking about.


My point is that sometimes our worst traits can coincide with our best.


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