I think we can all agree that religion is a tricky and brittle topic in the North. However there are very few people who actually know their own history and culture. Unfortunately the hatred from both sides of the spectrum are bred into the children of this land; who develop opinions through their parents and environments rather than through knowledge.


For some strange reason bricks represent quite a lot here. Between the colours of the curbs to how far you can throw them at moving targets.


I think the world in general are aware of the stereotype that the Irish are drinkers or drunks and although we have our fair share of pioneers the stereotypes pretty close to the mark.


One must be careful about what one says and to whom one says it, for some reason we are a very defensive nation.


Frequently said when you’ve said something to someone that you shouldn’t have said something too.


Every other nation would be proud to see their fellow countrymen and women on the TV… But not here. Why? Because they sound like morons that’s why. Cough Nadine Coyle Cough.


We may be known internationally as people with a gift for the gab, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. So don’t come for a visit and expect everyone one to chat you up with silver tongued chat up lines, we have plenty of Gabshites as well.


Some people still love a good mass! Kitted out in their Sunday best the godly people in the country still arrive in their droves for 12 O’clock mass. As well as being enlightening and informative for the soul it’s also great for a good old gossip. My granny goes everyday!


Between greeting your nearest and dearest to your worst enemy we seem to have a fairly good range of inventive and aggressive insults. Warning: expect a lot of foul language… especially from the women.

‘Don’t tell me I’m still on that feckin’ Island?’

We all may complain about it but there’s nowhere quite like home. We love it really.


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