1. Never take a jacket

It doesn’t matter how many times someone says bring a jacket. We can think of a number of reasons not to… Where will I put it… I don’t want to carry it… It’s not that cold. Ten minutes later when you’ve left the house you’re freezing and know you should have brought the jacket.

2. We always text him back

We promise ourselves that we aren’t going to text that guy who’s been messing you about but the second he texts you, you just can’t help yourself. So instead you promise yourself that you’ll make it obvious via text messages that your not happy with him…. He never gets the point.

3. Buy stuff… Then never wear it.

We hmmm and haaa in the shop about buying something we aren’t sure about and nine times out of ten we buy it put it in the wardrobe and only look at it again when you’re giving it to charity.

4. ‘I don’t mind, where do you want to go?’

For some unknown reason girls just can’t make decisions on where we want to go to get food. It’s a universal thing, you should probably just stop asking, put on your big boy pants and decide for yourself.


5. Get ridiculously annoyed when our hair won’t sit right.

This is the bane of our existence. Can sometimes result in tears or a hair brush being thrown across the room. Is the most common cause of girls deciding they aren’t going out anymore.


6. Never know what to wear.

We try on 7 million outfits. We wear the first one we’ve tried on and knew we were gonna wear in the first place but we just had to make sure.

7. ‘I’m Fine’, ‘it’s fine, have fun’, ‘no of course I don’t mind.’

In reality we are not fine, in fact, we are the furthest from fine as we can possibly be. And everyone knows it, you know it, we know you know it, you know that we know that you know it, but we still try pretend that we are totally FINE.


8. ‘I hate her!’, ‘OMG Jen how are you, you look great.’

We’ve all done this (guys also do this) at least once in our lives, we dislike people yet are completely lovely to their face, yes it’s bitchy but you are hardly going to ignore them or tell them you hate them ,’Hey Jen, ya slag.’

9. ‘Why am I crying?’

We cry for very silly and sometimes entirely unknown reasons. PMS’ing or not, sometimes you just need a good cry. We know it’s irrational but that little puppy was just soooo cute and it looked really sad…

10. Never make the first move.

Whether it’s sending a text or leaning in for a sneaky kiss, we can’t bring ourselves to take the leap. Fear of rejection, scared to bother that person or not wanting to appear too keen and trying to play it cool are all common causes.


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