God I hate you, yes you with the diet plans and happy healthy snack pack. I really hate you. Not because you are working out or because of your figure I’m glad you’re happy with your body.

But the thing is I am happy with mine too. I don’t need to hit the gym or cut the calories to be happy with how I look, I get the same satisfaction you get from looking in the mirror the second I catch a guy staring at my chest or my ass.


What I hate you for is that you truly believe that your way of living is now the only way. I’ve seen it so many times.. When those people become addicted to the gym or their healthy eating plans and try and ram it down your throat, not literally of course, think of the damn calories!!!


Here’s a fact for you, and whoever that moron is that created that picture above ^^* there is no such thing as a perfect or even an average body type. Yours isn’t a perfect body type if it was you wouldn’t still be hitting the gym everyday striving for perfection. My body type is my natural body type. Sure some women look great with a six pack. Me? I’d look like a heavyweight boxer about to hit the ring. So don’t tell me that I should be at the gym every day just because it works for you. Or that I should watch what I eat or that the way I am isn’t good enough.


I could look like you but I like cake, and pizza!! Lots and lots of pizza! I also like my muscle after a summer of playing football and how it softens in the winter when the leagues over. I like that I’m healthy but not fanatical about it. That I’m physically fit but don’t have to slog to the gym everyday. I like that regardless of your defined biceps I could beat your ass any day and I like that I can accept other people for how good they look.

You go to the gym and love your diet? Good for you I’m glad you enjoy it, you look awesome. I like sitting on the sofa and eating cookies….

I love my body too.


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