Meal times were otherwise known as the war zone.

There’s always that one kid who eats nothing but chicken nuggets and chips. Any sight of vegetables on their plate will usually spark a tantrum leading to said child not eating anything at all. Meanwhile across the table another child constantly threatens to stab their brother if he doesn’t stop smacking his food and keeping his mouth open while eating, the wee tramp!

You managed to convince one of your siblings that they were, beyond all reasonable doubt, adopted.

You told your younger brother or sister that they were adopted then continued to prove it by telling them how they looked so much different from the rest of the family, to the point where they totally believed you. This usually leads to a family meeting where your parents had to reassure said child that they were not, in fact, adopted.

Your parents dressed you the same.

Regardless of gender if there were more than two of you you were all dressed the same. Apparently it was just easier. Bit awkward if you were the only girl though.

You had ten million hobbies as a child…

And never perfected any of them. Be it gymnastics, Irish dancing or boxing you couldn’t wait to join and then you couldn’t wait to quit. Usually after getting all the gear and making your parents pay for all the equipment with the promise that you’ll keep it up this time.

One kid got picked on more than others…

Usually because they were more annoying than the others and deserved it. Probably still does.

One of you ran away at least once a week.

Whether it was to the end of the garden, up the road to your granny’s house or under a pile of linen in a cupboard for an hour, you were determined you were running away. Usually after packing some of your favourite toys into a bag and screaming in a fit of anger, ‘I hate everyone, I wish I was never born.’

Monopoly was the devil.

Usually ending in the board being tipped over in a fit of rage because you’ve been playing for the past four hours and the bankers just been caught cheating.

The elusive bedtime.

Bedtime really meant.. I’ll meet ya on the landing in ten minutes for the Pokemon battle to end all Pokemon battles.

You kicked lumps out of each other. Usually in the most creative ways.

Between kicking each other under the table and Chinese burns to mini nips and yellow car no hit backs. There were so many inventive ways to beat the crap out of each other.

‘Stop copying me’…. ‘Stop copying me. ‘

Anyone with brothers or sisters knows this copy cat routine. Usually ending in a good ‘how much wood would a wood chuck chuck…?’ In order to get the other one to shut the hell up!!

You can insult each other, but no one else can.

As a family you are able to insult each other on a daily basis and you can all laugh about. But the minute someone from outside the family insults one of you, shits about to go down.


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